Foreign Direct Investment

We provide Foreign Direct Investment Protection and Cross-border advice, including corporate services to private and corporate clients  with special interest interests in the UK, Europe, North America, Latin America and the MENA region. We advise our clients on various protection mechanisms suitable for various types of investments and advise them on most suitable way to access different markets. 

One of our specialties is advising investors willing to establish an economic presence in a certain country on the rights, obligations, laws and risks associated with a given investment in their desired destination. With our unparalleled experience and vast contact base, we can help our clients choose the best location for their desired investment and vis-versa. We can also help our clients seek proper financing and insurance for their chosen investments.

With many clients seeking to establish an economic presence in the E.U., the U.K., the Middle East and North Africa, in the United States and in Latin America, MCG can help you in every single step, from choosing the country and investment, to advising you how to hedge risks associated with you investment. We can also help you find a suitable partners in your desired destination who could help you realise your investment goals.

We are here to help you facilitate your investments and relies your dreams.