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The Mayfair Consulting Group Ltd, MCG ("The Group"), is committed to the protection of our website visitors' privacy, and we will treat all of the information provided through our website, including the registration information, with utmost respect. We're always working to ensure that we have taken all appropriate administrative and technical measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful use of the website visitors' identifiable information, and to prevent any accidental loss or damage to, such information.

We will not sell or disclose any identifiable information about you to unaffiliated third parties except in accordance with this "Privacy Policy".

Collection of Information

Our website might collect certain information about its visitors, even when they are not logged in. We may record visitor's' IP address and URLs of websites and pages they visit (while they are on the MCG website), the dates and times of these visits, computer hardware and software information and other information that could be available. We may, also, place "cookies" on the visitors' computer to recognize them when they visit our website again in order to enhance their browsing experience. These information and cookies may be collected automatically and/or through our Data Processor (Google Analytics) or Web Host (

Visitors could adjust their browser settings or use other means to prevent cookies from being placed on their device, but doing so may result in a less personalized browsing experience.

We may ask our visitors to provide additional information about themselves, including their names, contact information, organization or company they work for and certain other information that the Firm may use to identify visitors to its website. If a visitor chooses not to provide such information, he/she may not be permitted to access certain features, content or services available on our website.

In order to protect your privacy, we do not directly share your information with third parties. Your data would only be collected/shared by/with our Data Processor and may be collected/shared by/with our Web Host. As a result, your data will be retained through our Data Processor for up to 38 months.

Information our website may collect directly and/or through our Data Processor:

A- Cookies:

These are used to distinguish you from other visitors. They help us provide you with a better experience when you use our website. Cookies are small files of letters and numbers stored on your browser or hard drive of your device. They contain information transferred to your device's hard drive. We do not collect these data directly rather they are collected through our Data Processor.

Our website may use the following cookies:
- Necessary Cookies: These are required for the site to operate.
- Performance Cookies: These allow us to recognise visitors, understand how they move around our website, how many times they've used the website and how long their visits are. These cookies help us improve the way the website works by ensuring that you, the visitor, find the information you're looking for easily.
- Functionality Cookies: These cookies are used to recognise you when you re-visit to our website. It enables us to personalise our content for you and remembers your preferences. For example, it may remember your preferred language or region.

B- Technical Information:
When you visit our website, we may automatically collect information that includes the IP address used to connect your devise to the internet, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform. We do not collect these data directly rather they are collected through our Data Processor.

Should you wish to contact us using the Contact Form available on the Contact Us page, you are only required to write your query and contact email address. We will never use your email address for marketing purposes or to contact you for any reason other than to answer your query and connect you with the right person within our Firm. While using the Contact Form, please make sure to never mention any sensitive or personal details about yourself or your query. You are never expected to share any bank details and/or financial information about yourself using our website.
We would never use cookies to identify individuals or store personal information.

Data Processing

Using Data Processors does not enable us to identify individuals. Data Processors provide us with aggregated statistics. Should you wish to make these inactive you may do so by blocking cookies option available at your internet browser or using the add-on provided through our Data Processor (Google Analytics).

Using Google Analytics, we ensured the highest rates of privacy for you while you use our website. We have not enable the collection of your data for marketing or advertising purposes nor have we enabled the User-ID feature. Information collected by our Data Processor are not shared with third parties. Not enabling the User-ID feature means we are not able to unify the sessions that you, as a single user, are making using different devices.

Your data maybe collected by our Data processor and at any time you may contest to your data being collected through blocking access to your data.

To opt out of your data being collected by our Data Processor you can either choose to use Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on or you could use your browser to block cookies.

Please note, that add-ons are not supported or provided by us. As such, we are not liable for any attachments they may include. Please make sure to read the instructions and Privacy and Cookie Policy of any third party website before using any add-on. Always make sure you are using Add-ons from their genuine source.

Requesting Your Data

We work hard to keep your experience while visiting our website as personal and as private as possible. You have the right, with some exceptions, to request a copy of any personal data we hold about you. Should you require information about the data collected about you when you visit our website, please write to us on: and we will work with our Data Processor to give you access to your information.

Please note that we do not hold any of your data on our system. Data collection is done so through our Data Processor and we will do our best to give you access to your information.

Use of Information

MCG uses the information collected about visitors of its website to improve their browsing experience by personalizing the website to their interest, and also to help us to select content and services that the website visitors may find interesting and useful.

Information provided by visitors of our website may be used as part of our effort to keep them informed about events, and certain services. Visitors' information might be shared with a third party pursuant to a process that contemplates such sharing but which you knowingly initiate.

We reserve the right to disclose any information that it obtains through its website to appropriate governmental or regulatory authorities, if required by law or any governmental agency.

Transfers of Information

From time to time, MCG may disclose information about visitors of its website to selected service providers who we may engage to host their website or to provide other services. We will require all such service providers to use the information solely to provide the specified services, and otherwise to conform to the requirements of this Privacy Policy. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, we will not share/sell your information with/to third parties for any other purpose, including marketing.

Online Security

We cannot guarantee that the website is free from viruses or malicious codes and accordingly we do not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by any such viruses, codes or other malicious activities. You agree that it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that your own information technology/equipment used to access the website is protected against such viruses and/or codes.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the practices of such websites or links. When you leave the website you should ensure that you read the privacy policies of websites you visit.

Additional Services

MCG may offer additional services through its website. In some cases additional services may be subject to alternative terms of use (as identified by the Group), and the usage of such services by the website visitors will constitute their acceptance of such alternative terms of use. Unless otherwise stated, such alternative terms of use shall apply to supplement this Agreement and in the context of any conflicting terms, this Agreement shall govern with respect to our websites, content and services, excepting only those services which are expressly covered, and only to the extent expressly covered, by such alternative terms.

Information Sent Via the Website

Any information sent to MCG by e-mail or through the website is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis. Any information you send MCG over the Internet, either through the Group's website or via email is done at your own risk.

Sending Information Does Not Form a Consultant - Client Relationship

Transmission of information via this website does not create a consultant-client relationship between you and MCG or any of its staff, nor is it intended to do so. Transmission of data via website, in part or in whole, and/or any communication with us via the internet or through the provided e-mail in this website does not constitute or create a consultant-client relationship between us and any recipient. Such a relationship can only be established after signing a formal agreement between the consultant and the client.